The Hyderabad Public School is located in Ramanthapur, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

The school was established in 1972. It has over 1,400 students in classes 1 through 12. Students are taught in English. The teacher student ratio is 1:18. The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. HPS, Ramanthapur is a member of Indian Public Schoolsí Conference (IPSC). HPSR has been very well managed since inception and the current principal, Mr A.S Rao, has been with the school for over three decades. Admission into school is through annual competition that brings in talented students from all over the world.



The school has 9 main buildings. The administrative block, accommodates the Principalís office, the accounts office and the clerical staff, a two storeyed main academic block, the Principalís academic office, the Vice-Principalís office, the staff room, the assembly hall and class rooms.

The school is a co-education institution (for both boys and girls). The atmosphere is very spacious and healthy. The boarding facilities are offered for boys only, with approximately 160 places for boarders.

There is also a 20-bed infirmary, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer laboratories.

There is a mess hall large enough for approximately 800 students.

Lunch and snacks are included in the school tuition fees for non-boarders.

There is also an excellent Library.

Sports and Extra-curricular activities

The school in a 40-acre closed campus has enough playgrounds for Cricket, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Kabaddi, Tennis and Table tennis. The cricket pitches are well maintained. Basketball and Tennis courts are in conformity with international standards. There is childrenís park near the primary wing and the parallel bars adjacent to the boarding house.

There are a number of societies functioning in the school. These are the Science Club, the History Society, the Geography Society, the Debating Societies in English, Hindi and Telugu, the Quiz Contest Conclave and the Dramatics Society. The children function as the secretaries of the societies under the guidance of the teachers as chairman. These societies meet regularly and conduct programmes.

The Ravindra Bharati Cultural Programme and Sports Day held once in a year is a regular feature.


In 1972, The Hyderabad Public School Society realized the need for another public school. By resolution of the Board of Governors, the society decided to start a new unit. Late Sri T.B.V. Subhramanyam was entrusted with the project and was appointed the founder principal. Thus a new unit of the Hyderabad Public School came into existence in a rented building at Panjagutta. Later, the Osmania University leased out 40 acres of land at Ramanthapur and the school was shifted to its present site.


The Hyderabad Public School is managed by the Hyderabad Public School Society through its Board of Governors. The Board of Governors comprises:

The Executive Body of the Managing Committee of H.P.S. Society also constitutes the Executive Body of the Board of Governors of H.P.S.

Principals, Vice-principals and Staff members


  1. Sri T.B.V. Subramaniam - 1972 to 1977
  2. Sri N.R.K. Moorthy - 1977 to 1984
  3. Sri O.P. Pathak - 1984 to 1986
  4. Sri Chandrasekhar - 1986 to
  5. Sri Sarveshwar Rao
  6. Sri R.K. Maini
  7. Sri AS Rao
  8. Sri VP Puranik


  1. S.N.Tiwari
  2. Chandrasekhar

Prominent staff members:

Head Boys and Head Girls

Head Boys:

  1. Christopher MF Prabhu
  2. Bharat Bhalla
  3. Sriramulu
  4. Prahlad Rao - 1979-80;
  5. Ratan - 1980-81;
  6. Bharath - 1981-82;
  7. DTS Prasad - 1982-83;
  8. P.Ravindra - 1983-84;
  9. Niren Pradhan - 1984-85;
  10. TES Srinivas - 1985-86;
  11. G Kiran (PB) - 1986-87;
  12. S.Bhattacharya - 1987-88;
  13. Bhaskar - 1996-97
  14. R.K.Mohan - 1997-98;
  15. Gaurav Sahu - 1998-99;
  16. Chanchal Kumar Mall - 1999-2000;
  17. Mayank Ratan Bhardwaj - 2000-01;
  18. P Kranti Kiran - 2001-02;
  19. Mayur Gupta - 2002-03
  20. Vidyarth Venkateswaran - 2004-05
  21. Dhruv Ratan Bhardwaj - 2005-06

Head Girls:

  1. Swathi Singh-2003-04

Academic Toppers:

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